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Aveiro in the north is a unique city. Small canals cross its streets, bordered by beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, linked by humpbacked bridges. Here in colourfully painted moliceiro boats seaweed is gathered laboriously in the saltwater lagoon. 

On the west coast, Figueira da Foz is a well-known seaside resort with sandy beaches and a popular casino. 

Further inland you can sample the curative waters of the elegant thermal spas of Luso and Curia, fashionable since early last century. 

If you decide to wander through the forest of Buçaco, you’ll come to a romantic Palace turned into a hotel.



Put off your golfing for a day to visit Coimbra and its university, one of the oldest in Europe, and you will catch your breath when you see its magnificent library with its Baroque gilt carvings. From another period, the Sé Velha (Old Cathedral) is a good example of the Romanic style.

University of Coimbra

Visit the Museu de Machado de Castro, and not far from the town the Roman ruins of Conimbriga.


Roman Ruins of Comimbriga

Right in the middle of the region is a plateau, from where Viseu watches over its surroundings, with the dignity that made it famous in the 16th century, not only as an artistic centre but also and in particular, for the works of the renowned painter Grão Vasco, housed in the museum that bears the same name. This is a city with many manor houses and churches, but a visit to its spectacular cathedral should not be missed.

No far from here is Vale do Vouga, next to the popular thermal spa of S. Pedro do Sul.

And as far as the eyes can see is the high austere mountain range of Serra da Estrela, a natural pine and chestnut tree forest, spread among jagged boulders where rich pastures provide the source for manufacturing woollen goods and the delicious Serra Cheese.

Museu Grão Vasco / Viseu Cathedral

In the heart of the mountain lies Guarda, at an altitude of 1,000m, with its cathedral built out of massive granite blocks with lofty pinnacles and gargoyles.

The gastronomic delights of this region are excellent and varied, forming the best complement to your golf games. Worth a mention are the famous roasted suckling pig (leitão assado), fish stew (caldeirada de peixes), and boiled lobster (lagosta suada) washed down with famous Bairrada wines.


Guarda Cathedral

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